Ya gotta believe

The late Tug McGraw was a relief pitcher for 19 Major League seasons with the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. One day while with the Mets, McGraw emerged from a team meeting, blinked at the assembled media, smiled and promptly spouted, “Ya gotta believe.”

Even as McGraw was speaking, the Mets were mired in last place in their division. This was August. By the end of the season, however, the Mets would win their division, the National League pennant, and go 7 games before losing the World Series to the eventual champion Oakland A’s.

You have to believe in yourself. It is the primary prerequisite to getting a job in broadcasting. The right cover letter, demo reel, management contact, voice delivery, editing technique, shooting style, approach to production…

These things don’t mean anything until you believe in yourself. It is the first brick in the foundation, the first step in achieving your dream of working in television, radio or video production. You need to know, deep in your heart, deep in your soul that you can do what you dream of doing. Not just performing in the job once you get it, but the formidable, time-consuming, character testing job…of trying to get the job.  We help you to believe in yourself. Visit us at www.marczumoff.com to learn more.

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