Blip TV

The goal of my company is to help you get a job as a broadcast performer.  That entails breaking in with a legitimate news and/or sports broadcaster; an entity that is either over-the-air or online, providing a position and a salary. 

But some refuse to be patient enough for this to happen.  Others simply harbor the abject desire to do their thing their way.  For that, there’s Blip TV:

According to the company’s website, “ is the place to discover the best in original web series, from professional and up-and-coming producers.  We give viewers free access to a wide variety of dramas, comedies, arts, sports and other shows and make it easy to find what you want when you want it.” 

Series submitted to are chosen by the editors and then matched up with the appropriate advertisers based on target market.  Ad revenue is split 50-50 with the producer.

If you think this might be for you, check out

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